We specialize in developing comprehensive SCADA solution tailored to your business. By providing a secure and reliable system, our mission is to transform your operation.

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What We Do

RIOT SCADA is a software program that automates industrial processes and allows operators to monitor and control machines and systems remotely by providing all the features and functions necessary for an efficient, secure, and compliant system. Our software was designed with an intuitive user interface that provides all connected devices and equipment visibility. We offer advanced analytics to help operators make informed decisions to take control of their operations quickly.

RIOT SCADA, has a widespread presence across the United States. With a headquarters in Lubbock, Texas, we also have significant team members in Houston, Austin, Philadelphia, Ruther Glen, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. This strategic positioning allows us effectively serve customers in diverse regions and industries. As we continue to grow and expand, We remain committed to providing cutting-edge SCADA solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission at RIOT SCADA is to revolutionize how businesses operate by providing a secure and reliable system.

Driven by Data 

RIOT utilizes advanced analytics to provide secure and reliable systems for operators to gain greater efficiency and productivity.

Your Business is Our Business

We are committed to delivering exceptional service with customized solutions for your business.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, RIOT constantly stays ahead of the curve.

Meet The Team

Colton Wiemers

Colton Wiemers

VP of Business Development

With a decade of experience in Oil and Gas, Colton has worked in the transportation, chemical and software industries. Colton leads the Business Development team and Account Managers. He is focused on providing companies with the expertise needed to maximize their assets in the field.  
Patrick DeCesaro

Patrick DeCesaro


With a passion for family and a love of adventure, Mr. DeCesaro has been improving Process Controls and SCADA environments for more than 25 years. As a veteran of the US Navy, Mr. DeCesaro understands the meaning of “Mission Critical”. 
Lisa Welch

Lisa Welch

Account Executive

Coming from a family of foundry men, Lisa started her journey following her family’s footsteps. She began in the pumping industry at an early age. From inventory clerk to finally selling pumps to industrial companies worldwide, she found her passion. With 20-plus years in the sales industry, she is confident in finding the needs and wants what is most cost-effective for her client’s needs.
Kelsey Finck

Kelsey Finck

Account Executive

Kelsey Finck is an experienced professional in the world of technology, offering unique insights and innovative solutions to improve existing programs. With almost ten years of experience in the industry, she has worked with various organizations ranging from individual households to global corporations. Kelsey brings enthusiasm, dedication, and expertise to any project, ensuring successful outcomes and satisfied customers.

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