Municipal Water

Municipal water services supply households with clean and safe drinking water. It is one of the most important aspects of life and essential for a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, SCADA systems have been implemented in many municipal water distribution networks to help improve the efficiency of their operations.

RIOT integrates with SCADA systems allowing for remote monitoring and control of pumps and valves in the water system. This technology also enables municipalities to better manage their resources by providing data about levels in reservoirs, flow rates from sources, pump operation times, and pressure levels at various locations within the system using machine learning.

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RIOT’s ability to integrate with any existing control system, across any protocol, means you can upgrade the access and availability of existing infrastructure without the extreme costs and long timelines that come with large Capital Projects.

RIOT saves your Municipality time and money!



RIOT’s powerful reporting and analytics platform gives you control over real-time operations and empowers you to increase efficiencies and asset life. 

With RIOT, you are in control over the level of access and control given to each Operator.


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